SymbTr (Turkish Makam Music Symbolic Data Collection) v2.4 is released

We have just released SymbTr v2.4. SymbTr is currently the biggest machine readable collection of Turkish makam music. The latest version of the SymbTr collection consists of 2200 pieces from 155 makams, 88 usuls, 56 forms, about 865.000 musical notes and 80 hours nominal playback time. You can download the release from: SymbTr/releases/tag/v2.4

Since the last announcement (SymbTr v2.2), we have curated and validated the metadata (artists, makam attributes etc. in SymbTr v2.3) and the contents (notes, measure boundaries, phrases etc. in SymbTr v2.4) of the scores. You can refer to the Changelog for a more detailed list of changes. 

Additionally, we are releasing the first versions of several tools to process SymbTr scores.

Feel free to contact Sertan Şentürk ( or the other authors of the repositories for any issues you encounter, additional information or comments.