CompMusic talk at IIT-Bombay

Xavier Serra gives a talk presenting CompMusic at the Computer Science Department of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, on January 16th  2012.

Title: "Information technologies for the discovery of culture specific music collections"

Abstract: Music information research relates to the development of technologies for data intensive processing in music applications. Current information technologies do not pay attention to culture specificity and most current research is not attempting to change that either. For the improvement of current music information technologies there is a clear need to take a cultural approach. We need to develop well annotated data repositories of specific musical cultures. We need to work on data processing approaches that focus on finding differences between musical repertoires. We have to find applications that are of relevance to specific cultures. This is the motivation behind a large and ambitious recently started project funded by the European Research Council entitled "CompMusic: Computational Models for the discovery of the world's music." The project is studying five music cultures: Hindustani, Carnatic, Turkish-makam, Andalusi, and Han. In this presentation I will go over the ideas supporting this project in the context of IT research, emphasizing the challenges that we want to work on, and the proposed approaches to tackle these challenges.