Nīla Saṅgīta - An evening of Indian Classical Music and Dance

Saṅgītarasikā, with the support of CompMusic organized a concert titled "Nīla Saṅgīta": An evening of Indian Classical Music and Dance, at Arts Santa Mònica, La Rambla 7, Barcelona on the 25th June, 2015.

The ensemble included Núria Cabo (Kathak dance), Amit Mishra (tabla), Jordi Prats (sarod) and Jacopo Pacifico (bansuri). The ensemble opened the show with the instrumental performances of the bansuri and the sarod, both accompanied by the tabla. The Kathak recital, in which the dancer performed the sacred love stories of Radha and Krishna, brought all the artists together on stage. 

The videos from the concert are on YouTube, with the links below: 

  • Part-1: Guru vandana - a prayer to the guru, https://youtu.be/GBNwpyYLJdk
  • Part-2: Solo instrumental performance of bansuri in Rāg Sumankualo (a chayalag rāg of rāg Hemant and rāg Rageshree) and Jhaptāl, accompanied by tabla, https://youtu.be/bZ45FLw7mBs
  • Part-3: Kathak performance in Rāg Charukeshi and Tīntāl, accompanied by sarod, bansuri and tabla, https://youtu.be/bvSKyzSEiLA
  • Part-4: Solo instrumental performance of sarod in Rāg Sampurna Kanada and Tīntāl, accompanied by tabla, https://youtu.be/