New funding to promote the commercialization of CompMusic results

Xavier Serra received 150.000€ of funding from the European Research Council to promote the commercialization of some technologies developed within the CompMusic project for the particular case of Indian music. This grant is part of the Proof of Concept scheme of the ERC that is only open to ERC grant holders.
The funded project is called Culture Aware Music Technologies (CAMUT) and it aims at bringing closer to the Indian market some of the technologies that have been developed in CompMusic for the automatic analysis of Hindustani and Carnatic music. The consumption practices of services and products for Indian music vary from those of other popular music genres, primarily owing to the specific formalization of various musical concepts and to its particular social context. For instance, concepts as basic as melodic and rhythmic structures (called raaga and taala) have a completely different formulation and relevance compared to other music repertoires. With the results from the research conducted in CompMusic, we will develop several software prototypes tailored to suit particular cultural/social/economic contexts of the Indian market.