3rd CompMusic Workshop in Chennai

The 3rd CompMusic workshop will take place on December 13th 2013 at IIT-Madras in Chennai (India). This workshop will be dedicated to Hindustani and Carnatic music and it will include presentations by all the researchers of CompMusic working on these music traditions. This workshop will be followed by a special seminar on Dec. 14th, also at IIT-Madras, focused on the presentation and discussion of computational tools of relevance for the exploration and appreciation of Carnatic music.

We welcome other researchers working in the art-music traditions of India to participate and present their work in the workshop of Dec. 13th. If anyone is interested please contact one of the organisers: Prof. Hema Murthy (IIT-Madras), Prof. Preeti Rao (IIT-Mumbai) or Prof. Xavier Serra (MTG-UPF). Attendance to both events is free but please confirm your attendance to Prof. Hema Murthy.