Xavier Serra participates to a conference on Science Diplomacy

Xavier Serra was invited to present the experience obtained through the research carried out in CompMusic at the conference on "Frontier Research and Science Diplomacy" organized by the European Research Council on October 27-28 2016 in Brussels. Xavier gave a talk presenting CompMusic and the efforts done in stablishing a multicultural perspective in the research on Music Information Technologies. 

Science diplomacy is a recently emerging term in the EU context and at the broader international level and this conference provided a forum of dialogue for researchers and policy actors. It gathered researchers funded by the ERC involved in topics related to science diplomacy plus other relevant actors. Quoting the program of the conference, the main aims were: 

  • Explore state-of-the-art research related to science diplomacy as part of a scholarly understanding of the increasing call on science to help tackle cross-border, global issues;
  • Examine the practice of doing research across disciplinary, geopolitical and cultural borders and the implications for science itself and the broader context;
  • Highlight examples of curiosity-driven frontier research that contribute to the understanding as well as the practice of science diplomacy.