Get involved

Apart from the project team, anyone can get involved and contribute to the goals of the CompMusic project. CompMusic needs good and accessible data related to the studied musical cultures, ideally using the open licenses of Creative Commons. Any relevant data added in a searchable repository is a good contribution and any feedback related the project objectives is most welcome.

Here are some concrete ideas for the participation in CompMusic:

  • Keep informed on the project's progress by subscribing to the RSS feeds News and Blog and to our YouTube Channel.
  • Subscribe to the mailing list compmusic-friends and share your ideas, research results, doubts, information sources, ...
  • Contribute with information such as:
    • Text in Wikipedia, in as many languages as possible, on the music repertoires studied in the project (you can start from the entries Hindustani, Carnatic, Ottoman, Andalusian, or Beijing Opera).
    • Recorded sounds and text comments in Freesound around the musical cultures studied (you can add sounds of musical instruments or musical fragments).
    • Recorded music related to one of the traditions studied in Internet Archive.
    • References to publications in Mendeley related to music computing and the musics of the project (for example subscribing and adding references to the groups of CompMusic-general, Makam/Maqam music, Indian music, ...)
    • References to CDs in MusicBrainz of the musics studied in the project.
    • Any other information that you believe might be relevant (for example in Wikipedia entries related to Music Computing)