Demo of audio-score alignment for Turkish-makam music

Within the Dunya system being developed to demostrate the research results obtained in CompMusic, we just integrated a demo of the audio-score alignment methods developed for Turkish-makam music. The demonstration is available at
The technology demonstrated is designed to align the monophonic (and descriptive) scores commonly used by musicians of Ottoman-Turkish makam music with the audio recordings of their performances. The method is automatic, and it is able to handle tonic transpositions, changes in musical structure (including extra materials such as improvisations), non-notated expressions (e.g. embellishments), as well as tuning and intonation differences. The alignment results are shown on the section, measure and note-level synchronously, on both the extracted audio features and the rendered music score in the SVG format.
 An overview of the demonstration and of the supporting technology, which was shown at ISMIR 2015, is available at