CompMusic seminar at IIT-Bombay

On May 7th 2016, Saturday, from 10 am - 1 pm in P. C. Saxena Auditorium of IIT Bombay, we will have a CompMusic seminar.
10:00 am - A broad perspective on North Indian Instrumental Music by S. Balachander and Aparna Shastri
Nearly all string instruments in Indian Classical Music today trace their origins to different types of Veenas. This lecture-demonstration will present aspects of Hindustani Classical Instrumental Music with particular focus on the Veena, Sitar and Sarod. It will cover the different styles and techniques with special emphasis on the main features and characteristics of each instrument. The lec-dem will also cover the adaptation of the Dhrupad technique to the mentioned instruments.  A brief demonstration of Dhrupad vocal will be followed with discussion on the adaptation of vocal techniques in Veena playing, and instrumental aspects in Dhrupad vocal.
Speaker information: The instrumental lec-dem will be presented by Shri S.Balachander, a trained multi- instrumentalist, and a performing Dhrupad musician on his own invention – the Chandra Veena.  The Dhrupad vocal lec-dem will be done by Dr Aparna Shastri, a trained Dhrupad vocalist, and a scientist at BARC, Mumbai.
11:30 am - CompMusic: Technologies for exploring and teaching Indian Classical Music by Xavier Serra, Sankalp Gulati and Gopala Krishna Koduri
Music is a universal phenomenon that manifests itself in every cultural context with a particular personality and the technologies supporting it have to take that into account. In the project CompMusic ( we have studied five music repertories, including Hindustani and Carnatic musics, mainly focusing on the analysis of melody and rhythm. In this presentation we will do an overview of the results obtained in the case of Indian music for the particular applications of exploring large music collections and for teaching music. We will demonstrate three mobile apps that we have built to showcase the technologies developed.
Speaker information: Prof. Xavier Serra is the founder and director of the Music Technology Group (MTG) at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain. Sankalp Gulati and Gopala Krishna Koduri are PhD students at the MTG.