MOOC on North Indian Classical Music by the MTG on the Kadenze platform

The MTG, in collaboration with Ragasphere and on the Kadenze on-line education platform, offers a set of courses on North Indian Classical Music.

A special feature of the courses is MusicCritic, which is a new learning assessment technology created by the MTG to help instructors evaluate student progress in the context of MOOC platforms. The student’s sung or played assignments will be submitted and analyzed by MusicCritic and the instructors will give the final grade with the support of this technology.

The first course aims to introduce the North Indian Classical Music tradition to any music motivated learner by combining theoretical and practical teaching approaches. The course presents the fundamental elements of North Indian Classical Music, from the Swara (note) and Laya (tempo) to the concepts of Raga (melodic framework) and Tala (rhythm framework). By the end of the course, the student will be able to sing basic scales and patterns and will be prepared to explore and practice the more advanced concepts of composition, development and performance presented in the subsequent courses of the program.

Musician Nitin Amin will be instructing the course, along with special guests Yashaswi Apotdar and Sameehan Kashalkar. The course is scheduled to start on March 27th.

Web of the course: