Rāgawise and Sawaal-Jawaab

Sankalp Gulati, Kaustuv Kanti Ganguli, Swapnil Gupta, and Ajay Srinivasamurthy developed two real-time prototype systems named Ragawise and Sawaal-Jawaab in HAMR, a day long hackathon event that happened last month as a part of ISMIR conference in Malaga, Spain. Ragwise won the prize for the Best Code. 

1. Ragawise: A lightweight real-time raga recognition system for Indian art music (currently works for Hindustani music).

2. Sawaal-Jawaab with Tabla bols: Call-response improvisation with vocals and tabla. 

Both these hacks work best on Chrome browser. If the browser asks for microphone permissions, please select "Always Allow". If it shows a certificate error, please click on "I understand risks and take me to the site". The hacks are in a prototype stage, so please refresh and reload the page if something does not work.