Interviews published in a Chinese Wechat Official Account

WeChat Official Accounts can be understood as the WeChat equivalent of a Facebook page. They are drawing a lot of interest these days, as WeChat has risen to dominate the Chinese social media space (Chinese users spend ⅓ of their smartphone time on WeChat).
To promote the CompMusic research outcome, I made a series of interviews with the students who were or are currently working on jingju music computational research. They are two former PhD from Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University, London and the Masters and PhD students from MTG-UPF. These interviews plus a summary were then published in a Wechat Official Account (声学挖掘机).
Interviewees and the blog links:
The interview questions are: 
1. Please tell us how and during which period you involved in Compmusic jingju research?
2. Can you use one or two short paragraphs to summarize the jingju research you have done?
3. What are the most difficult parts in carrying out your research? What are the funniest parts?
4. If you have time to redo your jingju research work, do you want to do it differently or improve the methodology? Please tell us some ideas shortly.
The interviews have been conducted in English for Ajay, Georgi and Rafael, and in Mandarin for all the others. 
A summary in Mandarin of the interviews can be found here.