CompMusic workshop 2022: Introduction to Computational Musicology, a Carnatic Music perspective

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Practical information

  • Dates: December 12th - 16th, 2022
  • Location: IIT Madras, Chennai (India)
  • Teachers: Prof. Preeti Rao (IIT-B), Prof. Hema Murthy (IIT-M), Prof. Xavier Serra (UPF), Dr. Sumitra Ranganathan, Dr. Ajay Srinivasamurthy, Dr. Rafael Caro Repetto, R. K. Shriramkumar, Brindha Manickavasakan, Venkata Subramanian Viraraghavan, Genís Plaja-Roglans, Thomas Nuttall
  • Registration: Registration form (maximum 30 participants)
  • Registration fees (covering lunches and coffee breaks): 25€ (~2000 rupees) for Indian students, 63€ (~5000 rupees) for the rest (accommodation in IITM hostels at student price will be available)

*This is a satellite event of the 23rd International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR 2022) that will take place from December 4th - 8th, 2022 in Bengaluru (India).

Workshop details

A 5-day workshop to introduce the field of Computational Musicology while focusing on the study of Carnatic Music. By combining theoretical lectures with hands-on labs, the workshop is aimed at giving the participants the conceptual framework and practical tools needed to analyze and understand music signals using a variety of computational methodologies. The workshop is aimed at undergraduate or graduate students doing engineering, music, or social sciences,  without prior experience in the topic but highly interested in acquiring the computational and musicological competencies needed to study music, in particular Carnatic Music.

The workshop will take place during Chennai Music Season, the largest music festival of Carnatic Music. In the evenings, the participants will be able to attend a wide variety of Carnatic Music concerts.

Morning lectures:

The morning lectures will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to CompMusic
  • Introduction to Computational Musicology
  • Introduction to Carnatic music
  • Overview of research done in Carnatic music
  • Rhythmic and melodic analysis of Carnatic music
  • Creation of corpora and datasets for computational analysis

Afternoon labs:

The labs will build on top of the online book of the Tutorial on Computational Methods for Supporting Corpus-Based Research on Indian Art Music, part of ISMIR 2022, which is based on the compIAM software package. The labs will cover:

  • Python programming for music analysis
  • Practical tools for computational analysis of Carnatic Music
  • Team projects

Workshop full schedule:


Monday 12

Tuesday 13

Wednesday 14

Thursday 15

Friday 16




H. Murthy, P. Rao, and X. Serra: CompMusic Intro

R. Caro Repetto: Introduction to Computational Musicology

X. Serra: Music corpora for computational analysis

A. Srinivasamurthy: Rhythmic analysis of Karnatik music

H. Murthy, P. Rao, X. Serra: Current research direction

S. Ranganathan: Intro to Karnatik Music R. K. Shriramkumar: Gamakas in Raga Music P. Rao: Melodic analysis of Karnatik music R. Caro Repetto: Non-Indian music traditions from CompMusic Panel: Future research challenges






T. Nuttall, G. Plaja: Intro to workshop labs + compIAM + Corpus annotations in practice (w/ B. Manickavasakan)

T. Nuttall, G. Plaja: Exploring raga performance V. S. Viraraghavan (PhD defense): Automatic Descriptive Transcription of Carnatic Music [starts at 14h] Lab projects Lab projects

T. Nuttall, G. Plaja: Python for audio analysis + Lab projects

Lab projects

Lab projects

Lab projects

Results and discussion of lab projects


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