Announcing the Riyaz music app and the creation of MusicMuni

MTG announces the release of the music education app Riyaz and the creation of the spin-off company responsible for its commercialization, MusicMuni Labs .
This is the result of the research done within CompMusic, in which we developed technologies to foster learning and appreciation of Indian music forms, in particular, technologies to automatically evaluate how well a student is singing compared to a reference music lesson. Within the accompanying ERC proof of concept project CAMUT, we defined the exploitation plan of these technologies, developing Riyaz and creating MusicMuni Labs.
Riyaz is an android application to facilitate music learning for beginner to intermediate level music students by making their practice (riyaz in Hindi) more efficient. Riyaz offers hundreds of exercises along with singing lessons in Hindustani music and Carnatic music. It is also a personal vocal trainer, that listens to the singing user and provides precise feedback.
MusicMuni has been founded in Bengaluru (India) by two of the PhD students that developed the technologies being exploited, Sankalp Gulati and Gopala Krishna Koduri, together with Xavier Serra, director of the MTG. MusicMuni aims to catalyze and scale the music education and infotainment domains in ways accessible by and affordable to masses, by synergising the pedagogical knowledge with artificial intelligence, with a particular emphasis on learner engagement and automated evaluation.