Turkish Makam Symbolic Phrase Dataset

This study presents a large machine-readable dataset of Turkish makam music scores segmented into phrases by experts of this music. The segmentation facilitates computational research on melodic similarity between phrases, and relation between melodic phrasing and meter, rarely studied topics due to unavailability of data resources.
Please refer to the following publication if you use this data in your research:
M. K. Karaosmanoglu, B. Bozkurt, A. Holzapfel, N. D. Disiacik, A symbolic dataset of Turkish makam music phrases, Folk Music Analysis Workshop (FMA), Istanbul, 2014.
The dataset consists of 31362 phrases on a set of 480 scores of different compositions annotated by 3 experts. 


The dataset can be downloaded here.
The refactored code is avallable here.
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